When Does Spring Start In Texas?

Spring is a time known for mild weather and blooming flowers, so you might not expect much of a season in Texas.

When Does Spring Start In Texas?

Nestled between a brief winter and a long summer, spring in Texas can sometimes feel as though it passes by in a flash.

Meteorological spring occurs between 1st March and 31st May every year, all across the Northern Hemisphere. And that includes Texas.

However, you can expect other signs of spring, such as the bluebonnets blooming, to occur later in March. This lines up closer with astronomical spring, which changes annually, and lasts until June.

Spring is a lovely season to visit Texas, although be prepared for a higher chance of rain and severe weather. In this guide, we’ve covered when spring starts in Texas, and what you can expect this season to bring.

When Does Spring Start In Texas?

Spring arrives in Texas around March, as it is welcomed across the Northern Hemisphere. Spring in Texas technically lasts from March through to May, before it transitions fully into summer.

However, spring in Texas can feel short, and the long, hot summer is on you before you know it.

Meteorological spring in Texas runs from March 1st through to May 31st — as it does for the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. Meteorological seasons are the same every year.

Astronomical spring is determined by weather patterns, and the dates vary every year. It starts in mid-March and ends mid-June. By mid-June in Texas, it definitely feels a lot closer to summer.

Although these are the dates when spring technically starts, it can sometimes feel like spring a lot earlier. Especially in hotter parts of Texas.

And by the time spring is coming to an end, it seems as though summer has well and truly set in.

Texas does get four seasons, although some years it may not feel like it. Summer is the longest season, while winters can pass by incredibly quickly. 

Spring tends to be characterized by warm weathers that aren’t quite the same scorching summer heats. It’s also when you’ll start to see the wildflowers and bluebonnets bloom!

Although it won’t affect the start of meteorological or astronomical spring, some see the bluebonnets blooming as the real sign that spring is here.

What Is The Weather Like In Texas In Spring?

Texas in spring is typically warm, but with milder temperatures than you might expect to find in the height of summer.

When Does Spring Start In Texas?

The colder winter temperatures have started to mellow out, and while there can be some frosty periods at the start of spring, freezing temperatures are unlikely. By the end of spring, things are getting hot, and Texas has started to reach its top temperature.

Spring is also when parts of Texas experience the heaviest rainfall. In Dallas, an average rainfall of 4.2 inches is expected in May — the highest of the year.

Western areas of Texas are wettest between April and May. Spring near the Gulf Coast is a little drier, as these areas tend to get most of their rain in fall.

Although spring is often the wettest season, levels of rainfall are still low compared to the national average.

Spring is also the time when Texas is most likely to experience severe weather. Thunderstorms and tornadoes are common as the temperatures start to rise. It’s during April, May, and June that the most tornadoes hit Texas.

What Is The Average Spring Temperature In Texas?

At the start of spring in Texas, temperatures are relatively mild, and it can even get quite cold. But as spring sets in, temperatures start to rise.

Between March 1st and May 31st, the average temperature in Texas is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

In March, temperatures in Texas reach an average high of 73° F. However, you can still expect some cold days. In Dallas, the average low is roughly 48° F. Elsewhere, temperatures dip to around 50° F.

By April, things are warming up significantly. The average high is 79° F, while even the lows are up to 59° F.

And in May, the last of the cold is gone, and we’re starting to see those summer temperatures. Daytime temperatures reach 86° F, and the average low is 66°.

Overall, spring in Texas is consistently warm. Although at the start of the season you may see some cold days, these don’t hang around for long.

By May, the weather is close to the temperatures you can expect to find in the midst of summer.

Is Spring A Good Time To Visit Texas?

Spring is a fantastic time to visit Texas. In fact, many think that it’s the very best time to visit Texas.

By late March, the last of the Texas cold will have faded, and the wildflowers will start to bloom. In April, temperatures are warmer, but have yet to reach their summer peak.

Instead, visitors can get out and explore, without needing to constantly hunt for shade. Make the most of the cooler temperatures by exploring the hiking trails.

Crowds tend to be smaller in spring, although watch out for South by Southwest in Austin. It comes at the end of March, and can attract plenty of visitors.

Overall, Texas is an excellent place to visit in the spring. With cooler temperatures and blossoming wildflowers, outdoor activities are at their best.

When things warm up in May, take a dip in the Texas rivers. And should you experience the last of the winter cold in March, shelter in one of Texas’ cultural centers. 

Final Thoughts

Spring in Texas is a distinct season, lasting from the start of March to the end of May. In spring, temperatures are lower, with the last of the cold weather giving way to the hot summer days.

This is when Texas is likely to experience the most rain and thunderstorms, but the general mild weather also makes it a fantastic time for outdoor pursuits.

And with the wildflowers and Texas bluebonnets blooming, spring in Texas is a definite sight to see. 

Robert Miller