When Does Fall Start In Texas?

Fall is one of the most enjoyable seasons throughout the year as there is so much to do during fall. The air is crisp, the leaves are orange, the Texas State Fair is on the horizon, and Halloween creeps upon us by the end of October.

As it is almost impossible to hate fall, we want to know exactly when it begins so we can start the festivities as soon as possible!

So, when does fall start in Texas? Texas has beautiful sights and activities to see and take part in during fall so it is important to know the exact dates that it begins.

If you are looking for fun things to do during fall, we have you covered! Check out the list below and find perfect things to do for you to enjoy fall once it has arrived. 

Find out exactly when fall starts so you can begin celebrating instantly!

What Date Does Fall Begin?

Fall typically begins on September 22nd and is carried through to the beginning of December. Fall gets people prepared for the holidays as the temperature tends to drop and the state becomes an array of beautiful orange-, red-, and yellow-colored leaves.

The temperature ranges between 66-78 degrees Fahrenheit in the days and can drop between 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit in the night. This makes Texas perfect for visiting during fall!

How To Know If Fall Has Started?

There are a few things that indicate that fall has arrived if the exact date slips your mind.

The main indicators that fall has begun are the temperature drop and the color of the leaves, but there are a few other factors in our daily lives that will let us know that fall has arrived without us even realizing!

The Texas State Fair

The Texas State Fair begins on the last day of September and lasts for 24 days through to October. Fall truly arrives when the Texas State Fair begins as it is an opportunity to experience all things Texas!

There is the chance to experience Texan food, culture, agriculture, history, art, and entertainment and it is an opportunity for friends and family to enjoy. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the Texas community and experience all Texas has to offer. 

The Return Of Football 

Football comes back to our screen during fall and is an easy way of saying that fall has arrived as you definitely won’t be able to escape the excitement of football.

Prepare to have your weekends taken up by College Football Saturday and NFL Sunday, as well as various games played during the weekday that will most certainly keep you going throughout fall. 

Texas Pumpkin Patches

The arrival of Texas pumpkin patches signals that fall has started, and what better way to celebrate than exploring one of the many pumpkin patches that Texas has to offer.

There is also the option of exploring corn mazes and apple orchards where you can even pick your own fruit and vegetables. This makes a great day out for the whole family, especially the kids! 

Places To Experience Texas Fall 

Texas fall is beautiful. There is a lot of natural scenery in Texas that lights up during fall as the leaves turn striking red, orange, and yellow.

You can truly experience nature in fall by finding hiking trails that will take you to some beautiful Texas scenery. Here are some of the best places to visit during fall in Texas.

Garner State Park, Concan 

Garner State Park is located in the small community of Concan and has some of the most breathtaking scenery in the fall.

Found in the park are cypress and oak trees which turn red and yellow in the fall that overlooks the Frio River. The trails are around 11 miles long so you can take the day to explore the park and all of the nature that it has to offer. 

McKinney Falls State Park, Austin 

McKinney Falls State Park is found in Austin and as the name suggests, is home to the beautiful McKinney Falls.

There are 9 miles of trail to explore the park and you can even fish in the waters if you would prefer to sit and enjoy the view. Red oak trees and cypress trees turn red, orange, and yellow which lights up the falls. 

Caprock Canyons State Park, Quitaque 

The canyons in Caprock Canyons State Park are lit up by orange all year-round because of the color of the rocks, but in fall, they are complemented by bright yellow cottonwood trees.

The canyons are home to herds of bison which you may be lucky enough to see on your trip with the fall scenery highlighting Caprock Canyons State Park like something out of a movie. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, fall is a beloved season around the world, but in Texas, it is the beginning of a season of excitement and joy.

Beginning on September 22nd, the arrival of huge events like the Texas State Fair and football starting back coincides with fall and is enjoyed throughout the whole state, allowing you to take part in activities that you love and enjoy doing. 

There is so much natural scenery in Texas that it lights up during fall. You are able to explore different parks and trails throughout the state that allow you to see the beauty of fall in all of its glory.

Fall in Texas is full of red, orange, and yellow leaves that add a touch of magic to the Texan air. Finally, fall is a time that is leading up to the holidays, so it is seen as an enjoyable time that is full of friends, family, and community spirit.

In Texas, the air can become colder and crisper, but that is no reason to not enjoy everything that fall has to offer! The lead up to the holidays is a cozy and happy time, so it is important to make sure that you enjoy fall as much as you possibly can. 

Robert Miller