What Is Texas Toast?

If you are planning on going to Texas or have ever been to Texas, you might have heard of something called Texas toast. That’s right, Texas has its own toast.

In fact, it is the only state that has its very own toast. It might seem a little strange that Texas has its own toast. After all, toast is toast. 

With that being the case, you might have a few questions. What is Texas toast? Why does Texas have its own toast? What is special about Texas toast? Truthfully, the questions you could ask about this Texan delicacy are endless. So, we are here to clear up some of your confusion. 

We’ll cover what Texas toast is, what makes it special and how you can make it. 

What Is Texas Toast? 

So, what exactly is Texas toast? Well, some would describe it as pure pleasure in the form of carbs. Though that doesn’t give much away. To give you a clearer idea of what Texas toast is, the best way to describe it is as an extra thick slice of toast cooked to perfection. 

That still doesn’t give much away though. So, Texas toast has a few forms, which is surprising since it is toast. In its simplest form, Texas toast is a thick slice of bread that is around double the thickness of a normal slice of bread.

This thick slice of bread is then buttered heavily and eventually griddled until it is the ideal color of golden brown.  As we said before, there are different types of Texas toast. Some people like to mix other ingredients into butter such as pepper, garlic, and sometimes even grated cheese.

Of course, with the addition of these ingredients, people often compare it to garlic bread, which is important you remember that it is not like garlic bread! 

What Makes Texas Toast Different? 

Well, the obvious thing that makes Texas toast different is the thickness of the toast. The ideal thickness of each slice of bread should be three-quarters of an inch to one whole inch. It is important that the slices of bread are thick because it affects the overall texture. 

Compared to regular toast which becomes crispy on the outside and the inside, Texas toast is perfectly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. This is perfect for using Texas toast to soak up gravy but at the same time remain crispy.

The shape of each slice is also very important. Texas toast slices of bread are more square-shaped compared to other slices of bread. Though, if you really can’t find a square loaf, as long as each slice is extra thick, you could probably get away with it. 

The History Of Texas Toast

It might seem very odd that a slice of toast has a history worth writing about. However, this is the case for Texas toast.

Texas toast has a history that is filled with mystery, longing, and triumph. Fine, that is not exactly the case but there is a bit of debate and speculation about the origins of Texas toast. 

According to legend, it is said that Texas toast was invented at a restaurant called the Pig Stand. The issue many people debate about is which chain restaurant location of the Pig Stand this toast was invented at.  It is said in 1941 Royce Hailey was the one who invented this Texan delicacy.

The story that everyone is told is that Royce Hailey wanted to go above and beyond to impress his customers, so decided that he needed bread that was double the thickness of regular slices of bread, therefore he placed an order for it.

Then disaster struck when the slices of bread could not fit into the toaster. So, Royce Hailey came up with the solution to butter the extra thick slices of bread and cook them on the griddle. And that is how this Texan delicacy was made.

Well, sort of. Some people say that another chef was standing in for Royce Hailey that day. This person was W.W.W Cross. The exact history of Texas toast is unknown, but we do know that it is delicious and clearly so many other people thought so too. 

Where Can I Find Texas Toast? 

If you are planning on visiting Texas and now have a very intense craving to try Texas toast, we completely understand. The good news is that you can basically find Texas toast anywhere. 

In fact, it can be found in a number of bakeries across the country. Some versions of frozen Texas toast are available in grocery stores. 

Though you could also make it yourself at home. 

How To Make Texas Toast

The steps to make Texas toast are very simple, although a lot of recipes you will find online have garlic in the recipe. You can still follow these recipes, just leave the garlic out. This recipe will explain how to make garlic Texas toast.  

Step One

Make sure you have extra thick slices of bread. If you cannot find these at your grocery store, you can always make white bread at home and cut the slices extra thick. 

Step Two

Melt your butter and combine it with a bit of olive oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and a bit of parsley. 

Step Three

Slather the butter mix onto both sides of the sliced bread. Make sure you fully coat both sides of the bread. More is more in this recipe. 

Step Four

Heat up your griddle pan or frying pan over medium heat. Then you need to toast the bread until both sides are the perfect shade of golden brown and are extra crispy.

Alternatively, you could have cooked it in the oven at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, for around 12 minutes. If you do decide to cook it this way, make sure to flip halfway through. 

Step Five


What Should I Eat Texas Toast With? 

The beauty of Texas toast is that it tastes great on its own and with most dishes. You could have it on its own for breakfast, especially if you are making standard Texas toast. 

Though Texas toast goes best with saucy dishes. This is because the bread is thick enough to absorb the sauce but still crispy. 

A personal favorite is to have bread with some gravy. It is a divine combination. A lot of people like to serve it with chili, which makes perfect sense. It does well as a side for beef stew or soup. Another great pairing is having it with ribs that are soaked in barbecue sauce. 

Final Thoughts

So, Texas toast is a crispy but soft thick slice of toasted bread. It is heaven in the form of a crispy carb.  Well, now you know all you need to about Texas toast. Its history might be up for debate but there is one thing that is certain.

It tastes amazing. If you’re not planning on visiting Texas, you need to try and make it at home. Everyone deserves to experience the delicious taste of Texas toast.  Hopefully, we have answered all of your questions and cleared up any confusion about this Texan delicacy. 

Robert Miller