How To Get a Fishing License In Texas

When the sun is high in the sky and the water quiet, there is no better way to spend the day than with a fishing rod and peacefulness.

But this can only become a reality if you have a fishing license. If you are living in Texas then you should know what your state requires when it comes to fishing.

Types Of Fishing Licenses

Getting a fishing license isn’t as simple as it seems; you first have to pick what license you need. There are plenty to choose from including:

  • Freshwater License – $30
  • Saltwater License – $35
  • All Water License – $40
  • Year From Purchase All Water – $47
  • One Day All Water License

It is important that before you prepare to leave to fish, you ensure that you have the correct license. Each license is specific and made to meet the needs of certain areas. For example, you will need a freshwater license to fish in freshwater or a saltwater license for fishing in saltwater.

As well as this, you have to take note of how long your license lasts. You can have licenses which last for the entire year or just for the day.

Why Do We Need Fishing Licenses?

Fishing licenses were put in place in order to protect fish and maintain their population. Since licenses have been put in place there have been clear results showing the positive impact.

As well as this, the money that is spent on a fishing license goes towards habitat programs – these programs help with cleaning up and preserving the life of fish.

Although some may complain, a fishing license comes with a lot of positivity. It is important to make sure that we are considering the wellbeing of habitats.

How To Get Your Fishing License

To get your fishing license you have multiple choices. Those are:

These choices allow anyone to retrieve a license in any way they feel most comfortable. Whilst some prefer going to a retailer, others prefer getting their license online. You have to be aged 16 years or older to attain this license.

Are There Any Exemptions?

As with many things, there are some exemptions when it comes to getting a fishing license in Texas. This means that, depending on the issue, not everyone has to have a fishing license.

You don’t need a license if:

  • You are fishing in private waters
  • You are a resident born before January 1st, 1931
  • You need to fish as a form of therapy (someone with an intellectual disability)
  • You are fishing on Free Fishing Day
  • You are fishing in Texas state parks

What If You Are Caught Fishing Without A License?

The price to pay for fishing without a license varies from state to state, however it is the general consensus that this will end in a fine. Sometimes you may only be left with a warning, however you can also be fined.

The fine in Texas can be as much as $500 and at times much more than this. If the person does not pay the fine and continues to disobey the laws, this can lead to jail time.

Losing Your License

It is a normal occurrence to lose your fishing license but there is nothing to worry about if this happens to you.

If you lose your license, simply go to your closest fishing retailer and purchase a replacement – this should cost no more than $10. With this, you will have to fill out a new application.

Do Only Texan Residents Need A Fishing License?

If you are not a resident of Texas, the rules surrounding the fishing license change slightly. You still are required to have a valid license to fish in Texas, however there are more exceptions.

  • You are an Oklahoma resident aged 65 or older
  • You are a Louisiana resident aged 65 or over with Louisiana fishing license
  • You are under the age of 17
  • You are fishing during Free Fishing Day

Other Illegal Fishing Acts

A fishing license is something everyone knows about and we understand the consequences of breaking the rules, however there are also many other acts that are deemed illegal in relation to fishing. It is important to avoid this in order to have an unproblematic fishing trip.

Using Someone Else’s License

Using another person’s license whether that be a friend or relative’s is a complete breach of the Texas fishing code. You need to ensure that you have your own license; you cannot borrow someone else’s.

Allowing Someone To Use Your License

Letting this happen will have a bad effect on the person you are lending the license to and yourself.

Fishing Without A Valid License

Fishing without a valid license is also considered an illegal act so it is important to check your license before planning your fishing excursion.

Final Thoughts

If you are wanting to enjoy that day out with your family, a group of friends or just by yourself out in the open water, the first thing you need to do is get your fishing license.

A fishing license is quick and easy to get in the state of Texas – simply purchase online, through the phone or in person at a fishing retailer.

It is important to always remember the importance of having a fishing license. Your money is going towards something positive and you are making a difference. As well as this, not listening to the laws can end in a fine or even jail time if you do not comply.

Some may be wondering if these rules apply to them even if they are not a resident of Texas – the quick answer is yes. Unless you fit into one of the exemptions, it is still very important to get a license (you can purchase a license valid for one day).

So, head on out and get that fishing license for a day of fishing and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Robert Miller