20 Cozy Cabins You Must Visit In Texas

If you are looking for the best cabins for rent in Texas, you have come to the right place! These Texas cabins offer wonderful options for a cabin escape, a lakeside retreat, or a cozy and romantic cabin break.

20 Cozy Cabins You Must Visit In Texas

This article includes an interesting and flexible variety of cabins to satisfy your preferences and travel needs. Take a look at these incredible cabins to help you plan your trip to Texas.

1. Beaver Run, Wills Point

Just a few kilometers from the picturesque Lake Tawakoni, at Wills Point, on 130 private acres, sits this magnificent cabin. This cabin stands out due to the fact that it was constructed with local pine and cedar trees.

It includes lovely wooden furnishings, wood floors, and charming vaulted ceilings that give the room a light, airy sense.

Visitors utterly adore their time here, and there is a ton to discover nearby. Texas vacationers really must stay at this remote cabin rental, which has received a near-perfect 5-star rating.

2. The Bohemian, Hill Country

One of the most amazing Texas cabins is this two-story structure in the Texas Hill Country, just west of Austin.

The design, style, and attention to detail make the space stand out, and the hosts’ concern for their guests is evident in everything that is provided for your stay, including extra amenities for children and infants as well as green, environmentally friendly soaps and coffee beans from a local roaster.

You may enjoy stargazing from the hot tub on the back terrace, and there are ten acres of room for you to relax in the surrounding nature.

3. Bird Point Cabin, Fredericksburg

This stunning, naturally lit Texas cabin is located in Fredericksburg and is equipped for a relaxing and enlightening visit. It is perfectly crafted and furnished for individuals who adore a fusion of modern and rustic styles.

About everything you’ll need is included in the amenities of this Texas cabin rental. You’ll also enjoy relaxing in the hot tub after a long day. For anyone wishing to explore Fredericksburg, the location is ideal, the bedroom is really cozy, and the fireplace is ready to keep you warm!

4. The Nest, Glen Rose

At The Nest, you can disconnect and find a quiet haven. Guests can unwind and take in the scenery at this cabin, which is situated on a hill of 50 acres of property.

With facilities including air conditioning, heating, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, an induction stove, and a microwave, The Nest offers a treehouse and a boho bungalow. At check-in, guests are also given free snacks and beverages.

The Texas cedar observatory’s wonders are guaranteed to make an impression at The Nest. Despite having no internet access, this picturesque cabin is so beautiful that you simply won’t want to leave!

5. The Moonshiner Cabin, Texas

This Wimberley cabin is one of the most unique cabins in Texas, and it will make you feel like you’ve traveled back in time.

The 1920s, a time when flappers and jazz were popular, served as the inspiration for this small cabin. Together with all the modern conveniences you desire, including WiFi, a TV, and a nice bed, the owners have also incorporated a little of that steampunk flair.

At this one-of-a-kind retreat, relax in the bathtub, cuddle up by the wood-burning stove, and escape the stress of the modern world.

6. Fossil Rim, Glen Rose

Biologists conduct animal research and team-based conservation projects to safeguard endangered species at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, including a current initiative to reintroduce the nearly extinct red wolf.

Families can visit the center for a day or a weekend and enjoy the safari park there as well.

The camp’s seven cabins, each with two twin beds, air conditioning, and a bathroom, are next to lush grasslands where giraffes and zebras graze. Visitors to the contained camp can observe a range of local and foreign species because it looks out onto a popular watering hole.

7. Getaway Piney Woods, LaRue

In the Piney Woods, the Hill Country, and the Brazos Valley in Texas, Getaway, a Brooklyn-based company, has launched three new locations since 2019. The business develops small cabins with thoughtful designs all around the country, all of which are conveniently close to big cities.

Every Getaway cabin has a large picture window from which you may enjoy the outdoors while relaxing in bed. The company’s original and possibly most picturesque location in Texas, Getaway Piney Woods, is a group of forty cabins close to LaRue, some 90 minutes southeast of Dallas.

8. The Lazy Squirrel, Tyler

Few places in east Texas can match this getaway in the heart of the East Texas Pines if you’re looking for quiet cabins. 

In one of the various locations in Cora’s Cabin complex, you can spend the night in a cozy, beautiful cabin. It has a full kitchen, a bedroom with a fireplace inside, and a front porch with chairs.

A laundry and dryer, an outside barbecue, WiFi, and a TV are all provided. The Tiger Creek Wildlife Sanctuary, Canton First Monday Trade Days, and other nearby activities are available for visitors to enjoy.

9. Three Graces Cabin, Wimerbly

The most amazing and friendly romantic log cabins in Texas are found at Three Graces Cabin. It is surrounded by the most breathtaking natural beauty and is truly luxurious and exquisite.

Enjoy the beautiful hikes, the river and dam nearby, the hot tub, the canopy bed, the outdoor shower, and the hammock where you can hear the magnificent sound of the waterfall. Many couples have been engaged in the treehouse at this Wimberley cabin rental, too!

10. Baffin Cabins, Baffin Bay

Floating cabins were the last resort for travel in Texas for a very long time. Owners of these floating retreats could tow them out into the bay and leave them there up until 2001 without obtaining a permit.

 These cabins now have permits issued by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and private outfitters have started renting out the one-of-a-kind locations to people who enjoy bay fishing and are serious about truly getting away from it all.

Baffin Cabins is a “by fishermen, for fisherman” enterprise that rents two structures in the bay. While not the most opulent accommodations, sleeping on the lake is a unique and uncommon experience.

11. Chisos Mountains Lodge, Big Bend National Park

The Chisos Mountains Lodge, a genuine mountain retreat, is tucked away in Big Bend National Park’s Chisos Basin, a famous location with one of Texas’ best sunset vistas.

Steps from the lodge are some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the state, if not the entire Southwest. You can stroll down the Window Trail or hike up to Emory Peak, the park’s highest point, to get a better view of the pour-off onto the desert below.

The most well-liked accommodations are the stone cottages. Any of the accommodations, however, are worth the journey because of the location, which is the real selling point here.

12. Lady Bird Tree House, Austin

This sleek-looking cottage in Texas is situated near Austin, close to the city’s top outdoor attractions. This is one of the best Texas cabins if you enjoy hiking or kayaking! Not only are Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool nearby, but Lady Bird Lake’s river source is just across the street.

Surprisingly, it just takes ten minutes to travel to downtown Austin, where you can find all the best dining options and nightlife. The rental’s interior is stunning, featuring geometric patterns and natural wood throughout.

13. Lake Conroe Lodge, Willis

Ten people can stay at the charming cabin-style Waterfront Cedar Lodge in Willis, which is located directly on Lake Conroe. This property is among the top lake cabins in Texas because it was designed to accommodate larger parties. 

The entire property is adorned with opulent details, including a deep jet soaking tub in the European-style bathroom. You can also find a sizable dining table, an outside kitchen, and a pleasant entertainment space for the whole family right underneath this stunning cabin.

14. Blazos Bluffs Ranch, Waco

We have never seen a cabin rental in Texas with more breathtaking natural beauty than Blazos Bluffs Ranch. It has a fairytale-like quality about it.

This lodge is situated on a 300-acre estate. You can go fishing in the river, explore the area from a kayak, or try horseback riding on the grounds.

The inside, with its warm, cozy vibes, blends seamlessly with the breathtaking scenery outside. This cabin in Waco is a must-see if you’re looking for a tranquil and lovely getaway for the whole family.

15. Cedar Cabin Retreat, Hill Country

The owners of this VRBO at Cedar Cabin Retreat provide total romantic isolation with a modest, cozy, and romantic cabin. If you want to be in the woods but still be close to the comforts of civilization, you should definitely check out this cabin in the Hill Country outside of San Antonio.

Although it is basic, it gives elegance and leisure thanks to its well-stocked bookshelf, wood stove, hot tub, and hammock. The deck, the fire pits, the trees, and the cabin in the Texas Hill Country are things you can anticipate during your visit.

16. Lone Star Cabin, Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg’s Lone Star Cabin is a real treat. You’ll enjoy staying in one of the most romantic cabins in Texas, which is ideal for a trip for two. In all honesty, the interior is just as cozy as the exterior.

Around this cabin, there are many things to do. The cabin is only 5 miles from vibrant Fredericksburg, so you can take in the energy of this amazing town. Also, this adorable cabin is within 1000 feet of a wild seed farm and 6 wineries.

17. Naturalist Boudoir, Lumberton

The 300-acre Rock’N Dollar Ranch near Lumberton, which is about eight miles south of Village Creek State Park and offers four cabins and two residences for rent, is located in the Big Thicket.

Naturalist Boudoir, the original building, is a light-filled cabin with high ceilings, a bed suspended from the rafters, an outdoor hot tub, and a shower. Bring your hiking shoes or a boat to explore the Big Thicket National Preserve’s miles of trails and waterways.

18. Contigo Ranch, Fredericksburg

The Hill Country was settled by Europeans in the nineteenth century, who constructed some of the robust stone and log cabins that can still be seen today.

Five cabins from this era may be found at Contigo Ranch, which is located just north of Fredericksburg. All of the cabins have undergone aesthetic renovation.

This 4000-acre working ranch is home to a wide variety of animals, including axis deer, red foxes, and Watusi cattle. Visitors can explore the property’s nature trails or travel to the adjacent Enchanted Rock State Natural Reserve.

These structures blur the divide between a sophisticated resort and a rustic cottage thanks to their chic design and contemporary finishing.

19. Paradise On Lake Texoma, Pottsboro

Paradise on Lake Texoma offers four “cabanas” and six “casitas” in addition to a few cabins on the shores of Lake Texoma, close to the Oklahoma border, and only fifteen minutes from Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge.

The majority of the stylish compact buildings, including one that is a renovated historic railroad car, have an outdoor kitchen and a bonfire. The location also has a hammock garden and a neighborhood bar.

Renting a kayak or stand-up paddleboard will allow you to explore the lake’s chain of islands. Another choice is to take a hike and search the wildlife refuge or close-by Eisenhower State Park for migratory birds and butterflies.

20. The Half Lady, Sulphur Springs

When staying at Half Lady, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Visitors can go fishing, hiking, see animals, or stargaze on the 18 acres of meadows and forested trails.

For a family or group of friends of up to eight people, Half Lady provides a cozy and homey setting that keeps you close to nature during your stay.

The cottage has a full kitchen, queen-sized bedrooms, a parking space, and a private patio with a picnic table and a fire pit. WiFi, television, and air conditioning are all provided.

Final Thoughts

Texas boasts a plethora of incredible cabins situated in some of the most picturesque locations in the state. When planning your vacation, consider one of these cabins so you can experience everything that Texas has to offer.

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