10 Breathtaking Lake Beaches To Visit In Dallas

When visiting Dallas, the last place you think you can visit is the beach since it is in the middle of Texas, but that is where you are wrong. While it doesn’t have a coastline, there are tonnes of lakes in Dallas as it is located in the Prairies & Lakes Region of Texas.

10 Breathtaking Lake Beaches To Visit In Dallas

These lakes can provide you with a beach that is just as beautiful as the ones next to the ocean. Not only will you get to experience the feel of cooling sand between your toes, but you will also get to enjoy all of the typical water activities you would find at a lake.

In this guide, we go over 10 lake beaches in and around Dallas that you need to visit when the weather gets hot.

Windsurf Bay Park

This park is next to Lake Ray Hubbard, the largest lake in Dallas and is named due to the number of windsurfers who regularly surf on the lake. Entry to this park is free and you get all of the amenities of a great day out and also a stunning view of the lake.

There is a half-court for you to be able to play some basketball, a playground for the smaller children, and a grassy area where you can enjoy a nice picnic or play other ball games.

The downside to this beach is that you are not allowed to swim in the lake but you can still get your feet wet to cool off.

Island View Park

This incredibly sandy beach is located next to Lake Texoma. In fact, it has 2 beaches. One of the beaches has been left to nature and is stunning to look at and enjoy. Whereas, the other beach has been turned into a great spot for people to have a fun day in the sand.

There is an entry fee to the park and you are also able to rent a covered shelter that can protect you and your family from the sun. If you are visiting frequently, you can get an annual pass that will let you visit the park whenever you want for one ticket,

As well as enjoying the sand, you can rent a kayak to go to the middle of the lake or enjoy a romantic beach picnic boat trip.

Burger’s Lake

When it comes to fun days out for the whole family, this is the beach for you.

Burger’s Lake has been transformed into an almost water park and since the water is spring-fed, it means that it is clean and filtered which gives you stunningly clear water to play and swim in.

It is located on the outskirts of Fort Worth and there is an entry fee, but there is also a lifeguard on duty so it is safer than some of the other lakes you can visit.

Some of the entertaining aspects of this lake include the water slides, diving boards, and the 25-foot trapeze. There is also a splash park for the younger children to safely play in.

As the name suggests, there are burgers available for you to purchase but there is also a variety of other foods and snacks to choose from.

Eisenhower State Beach

This incredibly scenic beach is located on Lake Texoma and makes you feel like you aren’t even in Texas with how tropical it feels. There is a nearby camping area, so you get to make a weekend trip out of your visit to the beach.

The beach is also surrounded by trails for you to explore. Fishing piers are located near the beach so that you are able to partake in a bit of relaxing downtime. Or, you can go adventuring in a nearby cave and see what kind of rock formations you can find.

Little Elm Beach

This is one of the largest swimming areas in North Texas and is definitely worth taking a visit to. There are life jackets available at the beach, so you can be safe while swimming in this vast water.

As well as swimming, the lake offers a variety of other activities like kayaking and paddle boarding. If you prefer to stay on dry land, then you can have a fun game of volleyball, play in the playground, or go down one of the amazing hiking trails.

There are firepits on the beach for you to gather around and also an amphitheater for some entertainment. The beach is cleaned daily so that it is kept in optimal condition.

Joe Pool Lake

This is one of the most popular lakes to visit since it is only 30 minutes from Dallas. There are a few state parks around Joe Pool Lake for you to visit such as Lynn Creek Park, Lloyd Park, and Cedar Hill State Park.

At the beaches, you will enjoy volleyball courts, picnic and barbeque sites, and a variety of concession stands. There are also playgrounds for the children to play in. Each beach offers a different experience so it is worthwhile going to them all.

Stewart Creek Park

This park is located by Lake Lewisville and is the perfect recreational area to visit. While there is an entry fee, it is worth it to see one of the cleanest beaches you will ever visit.

You can play in the gorgeous sands, or have a nice relaxing picnic. There are also pavilions for you to rent so that you are able to relax in the shade.

Twin Points Beach

This tranquil beach is by Eagle Mountain Lake and is perfect for a family day out. There are many activities to partake in such as volleyball, paddle boarding, and even a fun game of horseshoes.

The lake also has a boat ramp so that you are able to really get out on the water. The beach is surrounded by a well-maintained grassy area so you are able to sit down under the shade of some trees while everyone else is off making sandcastles.

You can rent nearby pavilions so that you have your own private spot to settle down on and there are also on-site charcoal grills so you can cook yourself up some delicious food after a long day of playing in the lake.

Tickey Creek Park

This is one of the most secluded beaches on this list and is located on the northern shore of Lake Lavon. Instead of a bustling road to get here, you have to go down dirt roads and between trees to reach this stunning beach.

While it doesn’t have as many amenities as the other beaches on this list, it does have parking and restrooms, which is honestly all you need. There are picnic tables for you to enjoy your food at, but a blanket on the ground works just as well.

Ray Roberts Lake

This beach is not just great for a day trip, but also to stay overnight with the abundance of campsites nearby.

Staying near this lake means that when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you will see is the sunrise over the water, which is an experience you will never forget.

On your camping trip, there are many activities for you to partake in near or on the lake. You can go kayaking, play some volleyball, or go on a hike around the area. There is also horseback riding and a playground.

Final Thoughts

Whether on a day trip to Dallas or a staycation, these beaches are a great way to get away from the excitement of the big city and beat the Texan heat.

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