Best Resorts In Texas

Texas is a great state of culture with so many different things on offer from art houses to historical landmarks, nature parks to outdoor festivals.

Best Resorts In Texas

So, it’s no surprise that many people are traveling to Texas as a vacation getaway (some even traveling from one side of Texas to the other) and one of the best places to stay is a classy resort. 

Just like with everything else, Texas has plenty of resorts on offer for your ideal stay but which ones are the best of the best? 

Check out our below picks for the best resorts in Texas! (see also ‘5 Incredible All-Inclusion Resorts In Texas‘)

Four Seasons Resort And Club Dallas At Las Colinas

Four Seasons are a well known company for their luxurious hotels and resorts, and their Dallas location resort is one of their very best. 

This sprawling resort is large enough to offer so many different amenities and styles of accommodation, with rooms ranging from poolside villas to tower rooms where you can enjoy the amazing scenery on view. 

Choose between a relaxing few rounds of golf to a calm swim in the pool, or pick out some more exciting activities from the sports and recreation club.

With multiple dining options and bars for you to choose from, there’s so much on offer at this single, luxurious Four Seasons resort in Dallas.

You can even bring your kids along and allow them to run wild in the Kids Club! 

So, for a sophisticated and high end getaway, the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas is definitely a place for you to check out! 

The Houstonian Hotel, Club And Spa 

The Houstonian Hotel can be found in a wooded oasis in Houston, Texas, and is the perfect comfortable resort for you to head on down to for a relaxing vacation. 

As one of the country’s best private health clubs, there are plenty of services and amenities on offer here so you can enjoy a vacation with each event tailored to your needs and wants.

There’s a Mediterranean themed spa where you can kick back and relax, as well as plenty of classic bars and restaurants where you can dine and wine in complete style. 

This resort is considered a gem of Houston city where hundreds travel to to enjoy a secluded vacation with great rooms, amazing services, and some wonderful staff who are willing to help you enjoy your vacation in any way they can. 

So, for those who want a quiet retreat while staying close to the city, the Houstonian Hotel is the ideal place for you! 

Isla Grand Beach Resort

Best Resorts In Texas

Out on South Padre Island is the Isla Grand Beach Resort – one of the best beach resorts in the whole Texas Gulf! 

This makes it a great choice for anyone wanting a Texan beach vacation as there are over ten acres of tropical-themed gardens here where you can sit back and relax during the evenings before heading out onto the sunny beach during the day. 

The Isla Grand Beach Resort even has its own nightclub where you can dance your cares away or check out one of the many restaurants available to try out some new and exciting cuisines.

If you get bored of the beach, then no worries – there’s two huge pools to visit and swim around in, so the Isla Grand Beach Resort really has everything that a beachside resort needs. 

It’s also kid friendly, with plenty of kids activities available, so it’s a great destination for family vacations too! 

Horseshoe Bay Resort

Situated on the shores of Lake Lyndon B. Johnson in Texas Hill Country, there you can find the Horseshoe Bay Resort.

This is the ideal destination for those wanting a resort vacation in Texas while still getting to enjoy all the benefits of a resort next to calm waters and scenic views. 

Due to its great location, Horseshoe Bay Resort has a ton of great lake activities on offer so both the adventurous and those who just want a chill weekend getaway can find something they’ll adore at this resort.

Not only that but there is a local vineyard that is open for tours and tasting sessions with some of their award winning wines, plus there is the Hidden Falls Adventure Park and Falls on the Colorado Museum within a few miles of the resort. 

So, there’s plenty of amenities and fun events available at the Horseshoe Bay Resort or nearby to fill up your stay with lots of great activities.

This makes it the perfect family vacation resort in Texas as there’s something here for everyone to enjoy! 

Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa

Over in San Antonio is the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa where everyone can visit to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from home while surrounded by plenty of fun amenities and amazing decor. 

The rooms here are particularly stunning with lots of space and comfortable furniture so you can feel at home during your stay.

A great fact about the Hyatt Regency Hill resort is that they are dedicated to making their resort as open and accessible to all with mobility issues and physical disabilities, so there will be a room on offer to suit your needs no matter what they are. 

It’s also a great family-friendly resort where pets are allowed and there’s plenty of activities to keep your kids busy and entertained during their stay.

There’s a five acre waterpark, hiking trails, a sand volleyball field, and even a twenty seven hole golf course for the adults to enjoy. 

Overall, the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort & Spa has everything needed for a great, family getaway vacation right here in Texas. 

Escondida Resort & Spa

Best Resorts In Texas

If you want somewhere that’s kid-free (and as a result, noise-free) then the Escondida Resort & Spa is one of the best adult-only resorts in the state of Texas. 

Located against the backdrop of the Medina Mountains, the Escondida Resort & SPa is the ideal destination for a relaxing, ultimate vacation.

Popular with honeymooners and those enjoying their retirement the way  they deserve, the resort boasts some great architecture with plenty of spa treatments available, including facials and full body treatments,  so you can unwind and allow your troubles to drift away. 

While the spa is the main attraction of this resort, there are also other activities for you to enjoy including bird watching, air painting, and plenty of hiking trails to try out.

It’s also located very close to a range of other attractions that you can easily visit.

This includes the Schreiner Golf range, the Circle Ranch, the Lost Maples state park, the Museum of Western Art, and a range of festivals and wineries so you can indulge yourself in the culture of Texas. 

So, whether it’s an intimate spa getaway you are after, or just want to go somewhere peaceful without any kids nipping at your ankles, then the Escondida Spa & Resort is the perfect destination for you. 

The Woodlands Resort 

The Woodlands Resort can be found just half an hour away from Houston, and yet it is surrounded by all the great nature views you need for a great, unwinding vacation.

Surrounded by woodland, golf fairways and even a lake, you will be able to find the peace you desire at this resort.

There’s plenty of services on offer here too including a restaurant with lake views that can serve you an amazing culinary experience, a fun-filled arcade, and kayaking programs so the whole family can try out something new while on vacation. 

The Woodlands Resort is also a great destination for families that want to bring along their pets and extended relatives as there’s plenty of room for everyone here.

With everything that a resort needs to have to offer an amazing experience, the Woodlands Resort is definitely a hot pick for anyone wanting a vacation in Texas (Looking for a bite to eat? See here for the best restaurants in the Woodlands).. 

Wildcatter Ranch Resort And Spa

For those wanting an authentic Texan experience, the Wildcatter Ranch is definitely a resort you need to check out. 

Here, you can escape from the busy metropolitan lifestyle and head out to the stunning, peaceful views of North Texas Hill Country.

Surrounded by both nature and history, the Wildcatter ranch can offer you a sophisticated yet romantic getaway experience. 

You can choose between relaxing in their high end spa, or choosing one of the exciting activities on offer.

There’s so much to choose from including horse riding, tomahawk throwing, archery, clay shooting and branding.

Enrich your vacation with any of the above activities or find yourself a nice peaceful spot in the pool where you can just let your troubles wash away. 


And those were our top picks for some of the best resorts you can visit right here in Texas!

As you can see, there are plenty of places available ranging from inner city resorts to lakeside hotels, and all are available for you to book right now. 

Which one was your favorite? Check out the above options again and decide which resort ticks all the boxes for your dream vacation resort. 

Have a great vacation!

Robert Miller

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