Best Places To Live In Texas

Texas is the second biggest state in all of the united states of america, with a population of roughly 29 million people, and having massive cities like Dallas and Houston, Texas is overflowing with amazing, beautiful places to visit and potentially live.

Best Places To Live In Texas

But have you ever wondered where the best places to live in Texas are?

In this article we’ll be going through the best places in all of Texas to live, so maybe you consider moving there yourself. Let’s get started


It seems only right that we kick off our list starting with the capital of texas, the laid back city of Austin.

Their slogan is ‘Keep Austin Weird’ and it shows here, in the right way of course.

Austin has a contagious vibrancy to it that never lets you down with, the people here love live music and events and there’s always something to keep yourself entertained with whilst living in the city.

There’s a people pleasing average temperature of 68 degrees too, so if you like the heat you’re in for a treat, but it’s not going to melt you alive like some of the other places on this list

Austin’s metro service extends 32 miles from downtown, so driving won’t be a necessity whilst living anywhere near the city center, and with so many massive companies like Apple, Tesla, Dell, and Whole foods based in the city center, working can be a dream come true in a city like Austin. 

Dallas-Fort Worth

Maybe you don’t like the business of the city?

Maybe it feels cold to you and you wish there was a place where you could enjoy the benefits of a thriving city, with the quaintness of a small, American town. 

If this is the case, then Dallas-Fort Worth might be the ideal place for you to lay your hat. 

Offering the cosmopolitan lifestyle of a big city, but that same old comforting familiarity of closed off town, Dallas-Fort Worth is a great all-rounder.

There’s a huge mixture here of families looking to settle down in their dream suburban home, or young professionals wanting to kick start their career, and from the population going from 5.8 million in 2005 to 7 million today, clearly the people here are doing something right.

In the suburban areas of Dallas-Fort Worth you’ll run into friends and family at local restaurants and bars.

Just walking down the street you’ll always see a friendly face, and acknowledge each other with a hi and a wave.

You’ll see the same joggers running past you every so often, and parents playing with their children in the park.

For a state as large with as many people as Texas, here’s a great place to live if you still want that sense of community that’s just not possible in the same way with a massive city.


Best Places To Live In Texas

If you’re looking for somewhere that can better your career, then you’ll probably already know that Houston is the place to be.

Home to more than 20 fortune 500 companies, Houston is a place that you can be extremely successful living in, so long as you’re prepared to work for it. 

That’s not all for Houston though, when you’re out of office, you can keep yourself occupied with the many different festivals and various sports events that take place in the city.

Museums are dotted all over the city for you to explore.

And the restaurants are bountiful, with over 10,000 different locations available for you to choose from, you can eat amazing Texas BBQ or try some Ethiopian or Indian foods.

There’s something for everyone. Everyone’s coming to Houston too.

With your money going further in Houston than most other major cities inside of the United states, there’s a population of 2.313 million people that live here, and that number is expected to go up another 1.2 million by 2030.

The future looks bright for Houston indeed.


If you were trying to choose options like Dallas and the Fort Worth region, then Arlington might be a contender for you as well.

Often forgotten and overshadowed by the two cities that it lies between, Arlington is a much friendlier place for your wallet, and has that big city vibe that you’d get from any of the neighboring cities, even though it’s much, much smaller. 

If you’re a sports fan too then Arlington is the place for you, being the home of the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers, which both have stadiums and play in the city.

There’s a recurring street festival that takes place every year, and a wine, craft beer and cocktail festival that also takes place annually.

There’s more than enough to keep you busy in Arlington.

But even if that isn’t enough for you, then it’s only a short while away to Dallas or Fort Worth which have a much larger variety of options for you, if that’s your bag. 

San Antonio 

Just an hour and a half drive south of Austin lies San Antonio, which is cheaper, and arguably more laid back of a city than it’s big brother.

Living in San Antonio you have the option to live as eccentrically or as relaxed as you like, and both options are completely fine!

There’s a rich community of Old west and spanish heritage here, being the home of the Alamo, there’s enormous amounts of culture here, and the locals celebrate that with the Ford Holiday river parade and lighting ceremony.

The Texas folklife festival, and the world famous fiesta, which is a 10 day long homage to it’s spanish origins which takes place all over the city for a week and a half. 

There’s every type of food you can imagine here with the highly popular food trucks that populate the vibrant city.

You can let your inner thrill seeker run wild too with local attractions like Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and SeaWorld San Antonio, there’s endless amounts of fun you can have here.

Not only that, but if you’re looking to further your career then San Antonio isn’t a bad place for it either, with a greater than 10 percent job growth predicted between 2020 and 2024 in the bioscience and Healthcare industries.

The city is also becoming massively popular for technology and cybersecurity companies, as they set up businesses in the region.


Best Places To Live In Texas

Situated right at the southern tip of Texas, Brownsville is where Texas meets Mexico and the gulf.

It’s a major port and acts as a primary trade and transportation hub for all of southern Texas, so you can be rest assured that Brownsville is a working city. 

The culture merge here is outstanding here too, Spanish is widely spoken across all of the city, and you can find authentic Mexican food just as easily as you can find a traditional Texas steak thrown on a grill.

Seafood is also abound here, as fishermen bring back beautiful fresh fish every day. 

Brownsville is lucky enough to have access to the beautiful beaches that lie along the gulf of mexico too.

If you’re a resident, you can start off every day by taking a walk on its luscious sands or sitting at the beach.

College Station

Maybe after all of these different places to live though, the one thing you want from the state that everything’s bigger in is somewhere smaller to live.

College station has a population of 113,686, and is home to Texas A&M university.

This city offers the escape from the massive cities that dominate all over Texas, and give you a chance to live with your paycheck meaning more, and having a quieter living. 

College Station is situated right in the heart of Texas, so if you’re ever looking to travel for work then it makes a great place to rest your hat. Austin, Houston, and Dallas are all close enough to drive to.

But just think College Station is a boring small town just yet.

The Brazos Valley, the region that College Station lies in offers a good amount of activities to keep yourself busy, cheering on the Aggies, enjoying the performing arts at the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra, and visiting one of the many museums that are dotted all around the area, you’ll find yourself having plenty to do whilst living here.

Final Thoughts

Texas is a huge place. And there’s a lot of people living there too.

Working out where to live can be a difficult and daunting task, but hopefully this article has helped you to at least weed out some options that you won’t be considering in the future.

Bear in mind though wherever you live, even though every location has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, Texas is a beautiful place to call home. 

Robert Miller

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