Best Lakes In Texas To Live On

Texas is the largest state in the USA and it is filled with beautiful sights. One of these sights is the lakes you can find in Texas.

Best Lakes In Texas To Live On

Because Texas is so big, it has no shortage of lakes, and these lakes are all pretty big as well! Canyon Lake and Lake Travis are two of its biggest. Their shorelines stretch for hundreds of miles! 

There are different types of lakes for everyone as well. If you want something quiet and secluded there are options.

If you want somewhere to fish, camp, boat, or even scuba dive, there are also options for these activities too.

If you’re thinking about moving to one of these beautiful lakes in Texas but you aren’t sure which one to go for, then read on to find out everything you need to know about the best lakes in Texas to live on! 

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is located between the Oklahoma and Texas borders and is 80 miles north of Dallas. It is one of the largest reservoirs in all of the USA and its shoreline stretches to a huge 580 miles! 

All along the river, you will find lots of golf courses and hotels, as well as boat rentals and marinas. 

This lake is a popular fishing spot and it is regarded as one of the best fishing lakes in all of Texas. You can catch a wide variety of bass from this lake, such as striped, spotted, and smallmouth bass.

If you’re big into your fishing, Lake Texoma may be the perfect place to call home! 

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is found on the Louisana/Texas border. It’s a lake within Texas that offers a bit more of a unique experience because it has over 20,000 acres of swamp.

Within the swamp, you can also find several waterways, channels, and bayous. There are huge quantities of cypress trees that cover the lake and Spanish moss that makes the whole feel of the area feel like magic.

If you’re looking for somewhere to live that’s still very much Texas but with a hint of Louisiana, Caddo Lake is the perfect place for you to make your home. 

Along the lake, there is also Caddo Lake State Park. This is a great place that is filled with campgrounds and hiking trails and you can also get access to the water from here.

Whether you like to canoe or paddle, there is enough room for you to do that here. There is also a canoe rental service within the State Park. 

Lake Conroe 

Located within an hour’s drive of Huston, Lake Conroe is around 20,000 acres in size. 

If you’re really into boating, Lake Conroe is the perfect place for you. You’ll very commonly find sailboats and jetskis cruising along this giant lake. It’s also a popular spot for fishing. 

There are lots of activities you can do around Lake Conroe too, which include restaurants with a wonderful view of the lake, golf courses, and marinas.

If you have a day spare, you may want to check out the city the lake is named after, which is home to lots of live music and restaurants and lots of other outdoor activities.

At the northern end of the lake, you will find the Sam Houston National Forest, which is great for anyone who loves to hike. There is a little bit of everything at Lake Conroe.

Possum Kingdom Lake

Best Lakes In Texas To Live On

70 miles west of Fort Worth, you will find Possum Kingdom Lake nestled within the Brazos River.

Because it’s in canyon country, it is covered with beautiful natural cliff features, which you can find at the southern end of the lake. 

One of the big highlights of Possum Kingdom Lake is its stunningly clear-blue waters. This makes it a popular scuba diving and fishing destination.

The most well-known fish you can catch in these waters is the White Bass. 

On the west side of the lake, you will find the Possum Kingdom State Park, which is a wonderful spot for people who love to hike and there are plenty of bike trails if that’s a hobby of yours.

Throughout the park there are cabins and campgrounds you can stay at, making this a perfect place to camp out in. 

If stunning scenery and beautiful water are what you’re looking for, Possum Kingdom Lake is a good area for you to look into settling down.

Inks Lake

Located 50 miles northwest of Austin, Inks Lake is a reservoir you can find on the Colorado River. This lake is deep in the Texas Hill Country and is surrounded by beautiful pink rocks near the shore. 

Like most of the other lakes, it has a state park nearby named Inks Lake State Park. It has a visitor center, hiking trails, and campgrounds. 

Inks Lake is regarded as one of the best places to camp in all of Texas. There are multiple activities you can do and lots of water activities such as swimming, paddling, and water skiing.

If you are looking to settle down near somewhere you can spend a lot of time outdoors in, then Inks Lake may be the perfect place for you. 

Lake Granbury

You can find Lake Granbury 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth, on the Brazos River.

This lake is a popular resort destination, and it offers multiple activities and pastimes for those that go there as a holiday destination (see also ‘5 Incredible All-Inclusion Resorts In Texas‘). 

Lake Granbury is also a favorite destination for fishing. You can catch all sorts of fish from this lake, with some of the notable species being sunfish, crappie, and Largemouth bass. 

In regards to its resort destination status, you don’t just have to go for hotels if you plan on staying there short term. Lake Granbury is also home to historic resorts and very cozy cottages. 

If you plan on using Laken Granbury for fishing or for a regular vacation spot, this is the perfect lake for you. 

Lake O’ The Pines

Best Lakes In Texas To Live On

Lake O’ the Pines is located 30 miles west of Caddo Lake which is in East Texas. It gets its name from The Piney Woods region that surrounds it.

Because the main type of tree found around this lake is pine trees, it offers a substantial amount of shade for hikers and allows campgrounds to stretch right down to the lake. 

Within the area of Lake O’ the Pines, there are plenty of spots for swimming and suntanning, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

There are also plenty of boat ramps here and it is another popular fishing destination. The most popular fish you can catch here is the Largemouth Bass. 

Setting up a home near Lake O’ the Pines is perfect for anyone who wants a large body of water near their home but also wants a conifer forest close by too. With Lake O’ the Pines, you get both! 

Lake Lewisville

Located an hour’s drive north of Dallas, Lake Lewisville is the perfect lake for those who just really want to enjoy the water.

It is a hotspot for fishing and boating, but you will also find houseboats, canoes, kayaks, and speedboats dotted all around the lake. 

In terms of fishing, some of the most popular fish you can catch here are crappie, white bass, and catfish. 

Lake Lewisville is also a popular area for the usual outdoor activities of camping and hiking, but it’s also great for bike riding.

If golfing is more your thing, there are championship golf courses located right next to the water, giving you an extremely scenic view while you golf. 

If you want to set up your house literally in the middle of the lake, because houseboats are a popular choice here, you are able to do that! 

Lake Travis

Lake Travis has a shoreline that stretches on for 250 miles. Though Lake Travis is a lot longer and skinner than other lakes on this list, being 60 miles in length. 

This is a popular destination for fishing, diving, boating, and jet skiing. Along the shoreline, you will also find marinas, guide shops, and boat rental places. 

There are a few areas of Lake Travis that are only a half-hour drive away from Austin.

Though it is primarily a lake/reservoir, there are lots of land-based activities around the lake as well, such as zipline, golf courses and even live music. 

If you’re looking for a lake that will give you a little bit of everything, Lake Travis is the perfect lake for you to set up your home nearby! 


The beauty of Texas being so big is that the environment has so much variety. You have so many options to choose from when it comes to finding the perfect spot to call home. 

There are many, many more lakes you can look into, we’ve just given you a small taste in this article, so if you’re looking to find a lake in Texas to call home, it won’t take you very long to find the right one to suit your needs! 

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