Best Fishing Lakes In Texas

Texas is the second-largest state in the US. So it is not surprising that this state has fish that are a lot larger than they are in other states. 

Best Fishing Lakes In Texas

The most popular catch in Texas is the largemouth bass. These fish can be caught throughout the year, making them very popular.

Catfish come in second place. However, there are many different types of fish to be caught in Texas. 

Not only does Texas have bigger fish, but it also has plenty of places to go fishing.

It is estimated that there are around seven thousand lakes in Texas. This leaves fishermen with many options to choose from. 

However, choosing between seven thousand lakes can be quite overwhelming. So, to help you out, we’ve created a list of the best fishing lakes in Texas.

In this guide, we will walk you through each of those lakes, including information on what you can catch in them. 

Lake Conroe

Lake Conroe is a very popular place for people to go fishing, especially since it is only an hour’s drive away from Houston. 

Lake Conroe is known for being a great spot to catch some catfish. Those who like to fish often go for channel catfish to eat, or if you want to brag about your catch there are large trophy-size blue catfish. 

It is said that the catfish from Lake Conroe are great for eating as they taste amazing. This is because the water in this lake is clean.

The catfish are often found at the bottom of the lake. Experienced anglers have been able to catch around 100 catfish after being on the lake for around 4 hours. 

At Lake Conroe, there is also the chance to catch black bass and white bass. 

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is another favorite of many fishermen. This beautiful lake is considered to be a natural lake that has a wide range of fish to catch. 

Caddo Lake has around 70 different species of fish living in it. There is also a boat ramp, so you can take your boat to the lake to fish.

However, there is also a fishing pier if you prefer to fish from there. The good news is that you do not need a fishing license to fish from the shore. 

The water in Caddo Lake is only 20 feet deep. This is perfect for catching fish as you should not have any trouble with the water being too deep. 

Another selling point for Caddo Lake is the scenery. This lake is surrounded by cypress trees, which makes fishing at this lake seem very peaceful. 

There are also a bunch of activities that you can do at this lake such as canoeing or kayaking.

There are places to stay near the lake if you wanted to make your fishing trip into a fishing lake vacation. 

Lake Buchanan

Best Fishing Lakes In Texas

Lake Buchanan is a great spot for those who want to catch some white bass or striped bass.

Most people who fish at this lake often come for the striped bass as they can find larger ones at this lake. 

Lake Buchanan is 60 miles away from Austin. Lake Buchanan covers an area of 22,333 acres. The lake is 132 feet deep. 

As mentioned above there are many fishes to be caught at this lake. The white bass run from February to May, so this is the best time to catch them. 

Along with being a great spot to go fishing, this lake also has a range of activities to try. There is a cruise that runs so you can get a better view of the entire lake.

Boats are available to rent at the lake and customers can take part in a number of sports on the lake. There are also options to stay near the lake by camping or renting out a cabin. 

Falcon Lake

Largemouth bass are a popular species of fish to catch in Texas as many lakes have them. Falcon Lake is no exception to this rule. 

Falcon Lake covers a total of 78,300 acres and is a popular lake to fish at.

However, since the lake is so large there are many areas that are secluded, so you can still enjoy a peaceful fishing trip if that is what you desire.

Falcon Lake has conditions that often make fishing here quite difficult. However, these conditions are what also make fishing at this lake very rewarding when you make a nice catch. 

Lake Fork

Lake Fork is a famous lake for fishing large bass. The lake which covers 27,690 acres was designed to be a great place to catch bass.

In fact, it is such a wonderful place to catch bass that you will find people traveling from all over the country to fish at Lake Fork. 

Lake Fork is an hour’s drive from Dallas, so is the perfect place to go for a quick fishing trip if you live in Dallas. 

Lake Amistad

If you want to fish during the spring and summer months then you should head down to Lake Amistad. 

Lake Amistad spans 64,900 acres and is a wonderful place to catch largemouth bass. This is due to the fact that the Rio Grand river feeds the lake.

This is definitely the place for experience fishermen to go as the bass are big in this lake. 

O.H. Ivie Lake

O.H. Ivie Lake is a lake that is located in west Texas. This is another lake fishermen got to catch largemouth bass.

However, it is also possible to catch white bass, catfish, and crappie at O.H. Ivie Lake. O.H. Ivie Lake is 119 feet deep at the deepest point of the lake.

The great thing about this lake is that there are areas the public can access such as public restrooms, public parking, and public boat ramps. 

At O.H. Ivie Lake, it is possible to fish from both boats and the banks of the lake. A lot of fallen wood around the lake gives the fish a habitat that you can fish from. 

Cedar Creek Lake

Best Fishing Lakes In Texas

Cedar Creek Lake is the perfect lake to fish for bass in the warmer months of the year. There are different species of bass to catch by fishing in this lake.

If you would like to catch largemouth bass then going towards the lower end of the lake will allow you to have greater success in this.

At the lower end of the lake, the water is clear, this is where you will find largemouth bass. 

Cedar Creek Lake is actually the fourth largest lake in all of Texas, making it a great spot for fishing.

The shoreline is over 320 miles long. At the upper end of the lake, the water is quite muddy. 

There is also white and striped bass in the lake, along with catfish. 

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma had to be on this list as it is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. This makes Lake Texoma a very popular place to go fishing. 

Lake Texoma has a large variety of fish to catch. There are striped bass, largemouth and smallmouth bass, catfish, alligator gar, and crappie.

However, most people come to this lake to catch catfish. There are chances to catch larger blue catfish as well as channel catfish.  

Part of this lake is in Oklahoma, so if you have a Texas fishing license you need to make sure that you only fish in the Texas section of Lake Texoma.

However, if you want to fish at this lake regularly then purchasing a Lake Texoma fishing license will allow you to fish in all parts of the lake. 

Choke Canyon Reservoir

If you want to focus on catching largemouth bass, then the place you need to go fishing is Choke Canyon Reservoir.

During the winter, spring, and fall, largemouth bass is the predominant species caught at Choke Canyon Reservoir. 

At Choke Canyon Reservoir, you are also able to catch alligator gar, though there are not many of them.

There are catfish and white bass in this lake, that are mainly found during the colder months of the year. 

There is a large wildlife population that surrounds the lake. People have often spotted alligators, hogs, and even turkeys.

There is a park that is open to the public near the lake, where you can have a picnic during your fishing trip. 

Choke Canyon Reservoir is an hour’s drive away from San Antonia. 

Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of this list looking at the best fishing lakes in Texas. These lakes have some amazing fish to catch and there are plenty of opportunities to catch them.

All of the lakes listed are beautiful spots that can be enjoyed, even if you are not into fishing. 

We hope this list has helped you narrow down your choices for which lake to go fishing in. Please share this guide with others who might be interested. Thank you for reading! 

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