Best Bars In Austin, Texas

Austin city in Texas is known for its nightlife – and we’re not talking about the thousands of bats that take to the skies every single night! 

Best Bars In Austin, Texas

No, we are talking about all the best bars in Austin, Texas. From speakeasies to cocktails, Austin is known for how it goes all out for a great nightlife experience.

However, because there is so much on offer in this one city, a lot of people find it difficult to choose somewhere to go. 

So, here we have pulled together a list of our top favorite bars in Austin so you know exactly where you need to visit on your next night out in Austin.

So, check out our picks and see which bars really speak to your tastes! 

Firehouse Lounge

605 Brazos Street, Austin, Texas 

This cozy Austin bar has all the charm and electricity of a classic speakeasy, with leather interiors and a drinks menu filled with some of the best traditional cocktails in the state.

The building itself has a lot of history as it started out as a fire station way back in 1885, and now is a classy cosmopolitan bar 

If you prefer a chill, laid-back atmosphere to your bar then the Firehouse Lounge should definitely be a stop on your list.

The crowd here is also very mixed as the bar doubles as a hostel, meaning that you are sure to find people from all over the world chilling and enjoying a few drinks at this lounge.

The music shifts between jazz and blues to rock and roll, meaning that the mood gradually grows more and more lively through the night.

This means that the Firehouse Lounge could be your only stop for the night as the atmosphere changes for you. 

Nickel City

1133 E 11th Street, Austin, Texas

Nickel city is a retro-themed, laid-back bar in East Austin that serves a huge range of mixed drinks and cool beers so you can just sit back and relax while taking advantage of the full bar of drinks on offer here. 

It’s definitely the place to go if you want to try out some lesser-known cocktails in a chill atmosphere.

The patrons here are super casual and friendly, with a cult following of regular patrons who love to spend an evening away in this down to earth environment.

If you want to meet new people and mix with the crowd, then Nickel City is the place for you – and you can do it all while trying out a new and amazing drink! 

Kitty Cohen’s

2211 Webberville Road, Austin, Texas

This classy cocktail lounge has been one of Austin’s best ever since 1977 and it’s been a favorite haunt for all kinds of feminie groups.

Whether it’s bachelorette parties or birthday gatherings, you are sure to see more than one group of fun-loving women enjoying a few drinks on the outside patio or by the pool seating. 

The atmosphere here is vibrant and fun, loud and exciting, making it a charmful bar that’s overflowing with character and sass.

The decor is retro, the menu is packed with all kinds of cocktails, rose wines, tropical-themed drinks and a few classic Texan beers.

So, no matter what your taste is, Kitty Cohen’s is a great girl’s lounge to splash around in – literally! 

Midnight Cowboy

313 East 6th Street, Austin, Texas 

Best Bars In Austin, Texas

Easily one of the hippest bars in Austin is Midnight Cowboy. The building started off as a brothel (oh-la-la), then it turned into a speakeasy, and now it’s one of Austin’s best bars! 

Every Austinite knows about Midnight Cowboy and their amazing cocktail menu.

Each one is materfully made, perfectly garnished and served with a very generous amount of spirits and alcohol.

It’s also a very intimate bar with a very chill atmosphere, making it a great place to catch up and socialize with others. 

The only issue is that along with its amazing reputation in Austin comes a reservation list.

One does not simply walk into Midnight Cowboy – you have to book a table for indoor seating in advance, meaning that a lot of people usually head to this bar for very special occasions like big milestones or holidays.

However, the wait is definitely worth it! 

Recently, Midnight Cowboy has opened up more space with an outdoor patio so as long as that neon vacancy light is lit up, you can walk in and enjoy some of the amazing drinks on their menu without needing a reservation. Score! 


503 Colorado Street, Austin, Texas

This bar is often overlooked by even native Austinites themselves as it’s also one of the smallest bars in the city.

This is because it’s literally fitted into a parking garage, making the whole space super intimate and cozy. 

Despite the limited space, there’s no limit on the menu as you can try out a wide range of professionally made drinks that are sure to blow your mind.

The decor here is classy and amazing, with just enough rustic touches to keep this bar down to earth. 

Drinking here is truly a wonderful, unique experience but you had better book a table in advance because space goes pretty quickly. 


208 West 4th Street, Austin, Texas

Peche is Austin’s first absinthe bar so it’s no surprise that this place boasts a very generous menu when it comes to drinks and cocktails.

Not only that, but there’s also plenty of authentic French cuisine on offer here to go alongside some classic yet potent drinks. 

The vibe is very sophisticated as most patrons like to dress up a little more elegantly when visiting this bar for a few drinks – although the alcohol content of each cocktail will definitely make you take off your heels so you can walk in a straight line once the bar closes.

Yes, the drinks here are potent – and it suits the vibe perfectly. Peche even means ‘sin’ in French, making it an apt name for such a deliciously strong absinthe bar. 

Overall, Peche is a great spot to drop into for a few expertly made drinks and an ideal place to spend a relaxing evening.

You can dine and drink your late evening away in a very sophisticated bar that has everything you could ever need. 

Craft Pride

61 Rainey Street, Austin, Texas

Best Bars In Austin, Texas

For those looking for an authentic taste of Texan beer, Craft Pride is the ultimate bar in Austin for you. 

This place is the go-to place for beer die-hards who love to spend their evenings in a bar that knows and loves their beer.

There’s also classic ciders on the menu here too including some made using some home ingredients such as Texas honey.

Each drink on offer is carefully brewed and curated and the menu is also home to a few more experimental recipes, so both the classics and the future of Texas beer can be found at this single bar. 

The love for beer does not stop there as it’s also reflected in the rustic decor of the bar with wood paneled walls, lively music and cheerful atmosphere that is great for large gatherings. 

The White Horse

500 Comal Street, Austin, Texas

This bar is the perfect place for that classic, honky-tonk atmosphere filled with country-styled decor, music, and – of course – drinks.

Those looking for a fun, exciting party will find the best atmosphere at the White Horse, where there’s a lively dance floor and whiskey on tap so the drinks (and the party mood) keeps on flowing.

Although you won’t find any fancy-smancy drinks made by juggling bartenders, you will find plenty of simplistic yet seriously affordable drinks so you can keep the rounds coming all night long. 

There’s also a neat little yard where you can take five minutes to catch your breath before striding straight back in to enjoy the amenities on offer.

With pool tables and photo booths galore, there’s plenty of ways you can spend the evening away at the White Horse.

There’s also a live band playing every night so you can either dance along or just sit back and appreciate the live music. 

The White Horse is a regular haunt for all kinds of people including bikers, hipsters, ranchers and more – so you can always find a dynamic and friendly crowd of patrons to share your evening with. 

So, if you want a loud and affordable night filled with live music and dancing along, then the White Horse bar should definitely be at the top of your list of go-to bars in Austin! 


So those were our top favorite bars that you can visit right now in Austin, Texas. 

Clearly, there’s a huge range of bars on offer.

Whether you prefer loud and lively atmospheres, something more subdued and relaxing, or somewhere sophisticated, there’s always a bar that will suit your tastes and needs in Texas. 

So, check out the above options again and pick out the bars that really speak out to you.

That way, you know where you need to go during your next night out in Austin! Enjoy! 

Robert Miller

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