About Us

The United States of America is home to fifty different states. All of these states are very different from each other, and have their own rich history and interesting quirks. However, there is one state in particular that is arguably the best, and that is Texas.

Nestled in the South Central Region, Texas is the second-largest state in America when looking at its size. It is home to over 29 million people, making it a greatly diverse and fascinating state to both visit and live in. 

While the area of land is vast, the majority of the people live in populated areas such as Houston. When looking at the population, the only other state that has a larger population is California. Given this, it is easy to see why Texas is an integral and influential part of the United States. 

The terrain of Texas varies significantly, from greenery, to the coastline, and 10% of the land is even desert. You are never short of places to visit, or new sites to see in this state, and it is certainly a fantastic place to visit. 

Hi, my name is Robert Miller, and I have lived in Texas all my life. I am proud of my state, and decided to set up this site to share its beauty with others. Through Texans United, I will be talking readers through everything they need to know about Texas. From the best places to eat, and sites to visit, to its history and useful information.