Big Red Ice Cream

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Fredda Jones

You only need to ingredients plus the ice and the salt.
You only need to ingredients plus the ice and the salt.

I have to tell you up front that this is not the best ice cream that I make, not at all. It was, however, a hit with the grandchildren this week…and Rickey Jones seemed to put away quite a lot this time as well!

There was one disturbing thing that happened in the process of preparing to make this ice cream. Rickey decided that we needed a smaller freezer for when we are just making ice cream for a few. Soooo….we all hit the store and the first two young women clerks (probably from about 22 to 30 in age) did not know what an ice cream freezer was!

Here’s hoping that making homemade ice cream is not becoming a lost art!!


1 1/2 to 2 Liters Big Red
2 Cans Eagle Brand Milk
1 Large Sack Of Ice (I tried a small and had to supplement with ice cubes!)
1 Box Ice Cream Salt


You might could just dump the Big Red and Eagle Brand into your freezer bucket, but I used a mixer to be sure that they were blended together well.MAKING BIG RED ICE CREAM

When ingredients are in your freezer bucket and the motor is set, add a layer of ice and a layer of salt.

I’m one that normally uses eggs in my ice cream. Since Big Red ice cream does not have them in it, you are going to have to work a little harder to get it to freeze well so don’t be stingy with the salt.

Continue to add a layer of ice and a layer of salt until you have it slightly on top of the bucket lid.

I had to continue to add ice and salt to the top of the freezer as it melted, and I probably used at least 3/4 of a box of ice cream salt.

My freezer never cut off so I just stopped it after about 30 minutes. The ice cream was harder than a soft serve ice cream, but not as hard as the ice cream I usually make. It actually hardened more as it continued to sit in the ice after I had opened the freezer, and it was actually just about right.

Just remember that there is no rocket science to making ice cream and adjust the amount of your ingredients according to how sweet you like it.

I have no idea what photographic trick caused the white spot in this photo.
I have no idea what photographic trick caused the white spot in this photo.

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